Support Pack
Bot Voice Unlock
PilotMode V2.0
AutoMissile v1.55
BomberHUD v1.0

First I need to make it clear that you do this at your 'Own Risk' this is only a guide, but you shouldn't have any problems.

Before we start loading all these cool scripts we need to get our basic's in first, as most of the scripts you'll install will need these.

Essential Script Downloads: Support Pack, HudMover (if your going to install PJ's AllinOne Pack you won't need the HudMover installed), Ok you've download these two scripts one's a .VL2 file and the other is a Zip file that contains a .VL2 file, Just drop the two .VL2 files into you Tribes2 directory in the '\GameData\Base\' directory and there you go you've just installed your first scripts....Easy right!!!

  To check if the scripts have installed ok lets start T2, When were all loaded select 'Launch' and you should see a new menu option 'SCRIPTS' select scripts and you'll see all of the Support pack scripts installed (as in image below). Here it will list most of the scripts you install and by clicking on the selected script and selecting Options along the top you can edit the options if the scripts has any.

So you need some help installing scripts?

So our support pack has loaded ok, right were ready to start loading those cool script now, have a look below for the type of script you've download and follow those rules. Most scripts do have installation instructions but if not those rules below will get your downloaded scripts working. A lot of scripts will need keys on the keyboard binded to them to do this click on settings as in the image above and select 'CONTROLS' scroll down the list and you'll find the installed script. Double click on it and you'll be ask to bind a key, just press a key and you have now binded that key to that script that can be used in-game.

Listed below are the three main types of scripts you'll download

scriptname.CS These scripts are uncompiled and will be compiled and loaded by T2 when you start the prog, also these can be viewed with a normal text editor. To install these scripts you'll need to dropped the .CS file into the '\GameData\Base\Scripts' directory, if you don't have the 'Scripts' directory just create it.

scriptname.VL2 This type of file is a T2 compressed file, the contents can be viewed with winzip. You only need to drop these files in to your '\GameData\Base\' Directory to install.

scriptname.ZIP Most scripts are Zipped up and contain the above file types, Normally installation instructions are contained within the Zip file but if not the above two rules apply just drop the .VL2 .CS into there directories.

So what Scripts do I have installed

Support Pack - Essential.
HudMover - Lets you move your Huds(Compass,Inventory,Weapon, etc...).
Phantom 'Blue' Interface - Gives T2 menus a cool blue look.
Double Favorite's - Allows you Bind two load-outs to one key (KeyPad 0-9 will cover all twenty load-outs).
HalLockWarning - Give us a visual warning when somebody has locked on to you with a missile.

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