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Check out all the new scripts that have arrived in the last two weeks here (pretty sure there hasn't been any new scripts for the last 16 years!)

T2Scripts online again (16th March 2021)

I have been playing my old favourite game from the early 2000s for a while now and loving it, my friends have joined in with the retro gaming fun too. So I thought I'd dig out the old scripts and web site and make them available for the community again. I have left the site pretty much the same as it was when it closed in 2005 to keep that retro feel. The only changes made were to the php and database code which has been updated a bit since the site closed. Also watch out for dead links, as you can imagine after 16 years those links to the authors web sites are going to be dead.

I have not bothered restoring the forums, but you can always head over to

T2Scripts to Close (27th Febuary 2005)
Well it's been fun and what a game T2 is, it's a shame TV sucks right now... Well all good things must come to an end and will be closing soon the domain is up for renewal along with the ISP. So thats going to be around £50 to keep the site going for another year. There's been no new scripts for a year or so and all the coders including myself have moved on to new things.

So it's time to say goodbye and I hope you've enjoyed the site,

Best Regards


Things Speed Up! (4 November 2004)
The site has been running slow for a while now since the plug was pulled by the host company without warning. I've uploaded the site to a new location so the whole site is running a lot faster now...

Well TV is out now and I must say Humm!!! not impressed with the gameplay, it looks nice but it isn't Tribes :-(, well I'll wait for the mods to come out.

I'll take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year...

Happy Gaming

Were Back! (23 September 2004)
Some of you may have noticed that the site has been down for a few days, This was due to our Hosting company decided it was time to shut up shop and close the business! Oh one small thing shall we tell our thousands of customers? Humm!!! na, lets go down the pub!!!

Anyway all back to normal, I hope.

Any comments on T3 Beta? post'em in the forums...

Site Update (29 June 2004)
Well I thought it was about time to check on the site and see if it's still running ok and pretty much it is. Fixed a strange bug with the visitor counter and that was about it.

Offical T3 Site
Downloads link: Tribes3 - Vengeance

Still Kicking (9 January 2004)
I hope you all had a great christmas and got all those presents you wanted, Well this is just letting you know that i'm still look at the site from time to time. Not much going on in the world of scripts. Then I guess with the Tribes3 beta expected out sometime in April/May who would write anything for T2.

Oh well have a great new year...

NinjaMod Returns (29 October 2003)
Evil Cheese the writer of the excellent NinjaMod has raise his head again to get NinjaMod working with the last patch, The source code wasn't made available to get the mod working with the last patch so NinjaMod basically died and cheese I guess lost interest in T2. There was a great effort made by mosfos and a few other coders in the name of Ninja-X to get the scene back up...

Well NinjaMod is up and running on a small server but were looking for a permanent home for this great mod, so if anybody has a spare server for a 32 player or more then drop me a line. Thanks…

Tribes 3 - Vengeance Movie (9 August 2003)
We've all seen the pictures and it's looking cool and as T3 is not due for release until late summer 2004 this should give you time to save for that new graphics

So you want to see the game in motion well here's some clean links, non of this fileplanet crap waiting for weeks for the download to start......I would have put the movie here but I fear my bandwidth would bust so just follow the links and download this 145Mb movie. It's Big but worth it....leave you feedback in the forums..

Download Links:

Tribes 3 - Vengeance Movie
Tribes 3 - Vengeance Movies (Direct from Sierra)

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