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FIX Remap v1.0 - Author: WegBert - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 682
This little script fixes a bug in T2, When you remove an old scripts that had keys bound to it, T2 wouldn't let you use them keys again. All Sorted NOW.

Downloads: FIX Remap v1.0 Size: 3kb

HalRetFix 1.1 - Author: Halide - Date: 06-04-2002 - Downloads: 749
A simple script to fix the missing vehicle reticles after toggling the CC...

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: HalRetFix 1.1 Size: 2kb

HudMover 0.9.9 - Author: LabRat - Date: 20-02-2002 - Downloads: 1281
An essential script, allows you to move all you're HUD around to get them just the way you liked them in T1.

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: HudMover 0.9.9 Size: 7kb

LobbyTab v1.2 - Author: Misanthropic - Date: 09-12-2003 - Downloads: 1087
This script adds a tab for the game Lobby as if it were another community item, allowing you to access chat, browser, email etc. while in a game.

Unzip the contents of '' into your Tribes2 folder, that's it. Your unpacker program will automatically put them into the correct folder after that.

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: LobbyTab v1.2 Size: 2kb

QuickBuyFix - Author: Unknown - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 369
quickbuyfix makes it so when you are buying a vehicle, 4 always buys a shrike, 5 always buys a bomber etc, assuming that that vehicle type is available from that station. If you play mods that add or remove vehicles this script will probably mess shit up. If you just play base, or the basically base mods (bwadmin, 5150, etc..), you should be fine.

Downloads: QuickBuyFix Size: 3kb

Support Pack - Author: Writer's - Date: 25-05-2002 - Downloads: 3685
Here it is, Writer's Support pack. An essential for most scripts out there. A MUST

Install: Just drop the .VL2 file in to your \GameData\base\ dirctory. And there you go...

Script Authors
Daniel “Wizard_TPG” Neilsen
Paul “Uberguy (FT)” Tousignant
Jason "VeKToR++" Gill
Lars "Diogenes" Soldahl
Mark “PanamaJack” Dickenson
Jon “Ratorasniki” Naiman

Downloads: Support Pack Size: 73kb

Up To Date v1.0.1 - Author: TwoStep - Date: 24-03-2002 - Downloads: 433
UpTwoDate does the following:

1. UpTwoDate automatically checks for updates for your scripts. It will then ask you if you want to download the updates. It does not run the new versions, so you have to restart Tribes to have them take effect.
2. UpTwoDate supports any new scripts that use it (see the readme for how to do so) and also supports the following older scripts: TwoRes, TwoChat.

You'll Need Write's Support Pack Installed for this one.

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: Up To Date v1.0.1 Size: 8kb

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