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Waypoints & Navigations 4 Scripts found.

AutoPoints 3.0.2 - Author: Boots - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 999
AutoPoints will allow you to automatically set waypoints to people on your team, enemy team, or people with a specific name.

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: AutoPoints 3.0.2 Size: 7kb

HalBeaconInv v1.4 - Author: Halide - Date: 19-05-2002 - Downloads: 566
This script will place a marker-beacon right after you deploy a remote inventory. It'll help you and your team out!

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: HalBeaconInv v1.4 Size: 1kb

JsutWaypoints - Author: Jsut - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 574
This script allows a person to create their own customized waypoints while hosting a game, and save them to disk for later retrieval.

Downloads: JsutWaypoints Size: 5kb

UberKit v1.4.2 - Author: UberGuy - Date: 19-12-2002 - Downloads: 468
This script gives players some handy popup alerts relating to finding and using repair kits, and allows important battlefield-scavenged repair kits to be used automatically.

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: UberKit v1.4.2 Size: 10kb

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