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Anarchy Mod - Author: Anarchy - Date: 14-08-2001 - Downloads: 312
This mod is balances to allow for more team play where no one person can rule the map or the game. We have used input from a lot of our regulars from the first mod in T1 to develope the T2 mod. It offers more for the T2 gamer to choose from to use for offense and defense and promotes more team play.

Authors Site:

Downloads: Anarchy Mod Size: (Link)

Arms Of Enchantment - Author: AOE - Date: 06-06-2001 - Downloads: 354
Arms of Enchantment (AoE) is a Total Conversion (TC) of Tribes2. This TC is set in medieval times, using ancient weapons and long lost wizardry. Players will fight as either good or evil with a massive amount of weapons, and an assortment of auras, spells, and combat skills. Combat takes place on huge battlefields, infested with the living, and the undead. Neutral creatures such as wolves, bears, lions, and birds will aid you in your journey to be the dominant warrior. Ally with good or evil for safe passage into the unknown. Read on to discover more about this enchanted world of combat and diplomacy.

Downloads: Arms Of Enchantment Size: (Link)

CleanDSO v1.0 - Author: UberGuy - Date: 15-01-2002 - Downloads: 332
I hate *.dso files. They clutter. They interfere with script installs. They suck!

Nevermore. Now all your dso's are toast thanks to this handy little script.

Just toss this script in place and it takes care of it all for you. The dso files are deleted just before you exit T2. They come back each time you play, of course, but you'll be guaranteed to never have old ones laying around again.

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Downloads: CleanDSO v1.0 Size: 2kb

FreeBase Mod - Author: -Capto- - Date: 11-02-2002 - Downloads: 201
Freebase is now in beta testing for release.
The current version did not pass compatability with PJ's scripts.
Though the MOD works, most players with PJ's will not like to play because of the errors.

I am working to fix this as soon as possible.

If you wish to host Freebase and be on my New Release Mailing list please email me.

--- Capto Lamia

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Downloads: FreeBase Mod Size: (Link)

Havoc Mod - Author: Havoc - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 378
For the admin...
It brings innovative new features to your server allowing you to control every aspect. Countless server settings allow you to set everything from how often lightning strikes to controlling team and base killers. Torture lame players that would try to ruin your server. Using the server's built in settings, it can stop lame players from ruining your server even when you aren't there. HaVoC allows you to create hundreds of customized admin passwords. You set up what settings on your server that each password allows access to. And much, much more.

For the player...
HaVoC has something for every type of player. 9 different armors, remote control Repair Drones, Smoke Bombs, Tractor Beams, 13 different types of turrets, and all kinds of toys. Take a look at the inventory to your left. Players can shoot guided missiles that they pilot themselves. Fly missiles around corners to kill your enemies. Pick up and re-deploy any deployable. Get points for defending your flag carrier or your objectives. HaVoC comes integrated with TeamDM, Tribes Arena, Flag Hunter, Rabbit, Racer, Duel, and Duel Tournament mission types if you ever get bored with CTF.

Downloads: Havoc Mod Size: (Link)

LaserTag - Author: Werewolf - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 291
What the heck is Lasertag?
Lasertag is a game in which people run around with "laser guns". In order to "kill" people you have to tag them. It's as simple as that. In this version of Lasertag there are 3 player-classes, each of which have their own type of laser.
The RIFLEMAN has a medium-power laser, and needs several hits to take out an opponent. Maximum Range is 200 meters.
The SNIPER has a powerful laser that can zap enemies in one shot. Maximum Range is 500 meters.
The GUNNER is slow and heavy, but is equipped with a low-power but fast-firing laser. Maximum Range is 200 meters.

The Grenades in this game have a special function: They fire powerful bursts of laser into random directions, clearing out entire rooms of enemies within seconds.

This mod also includes BotPilot v1.8 (Bots fly vehicles) as well as ALLMP3 v1.1 (plays all .mp3 files in your base/music folder)

Downloads: LaserTag Size: 257kb

Mechina Mod - Author: Mechina - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 388
This is a great mod with loads of stuff to deploy like cloaked turret, napalm air strikes and loads more. Dare I say it, this could be better than Ninja Mod...
Take a look and you decide.

6 New Armour Classes
13 New Weapons
23 New Packs

Authors Site:

Downloads: Mechina Mod Size: (Link)

MinRabbit v1.0 - Author: TruSoulja - Date: 25-07-2002 - Downloads: 297
MinRabbit is a server-side gametype for Tribes2. It basically takes rabbit and implements some rules that The Ministry found fun, and added some other fun modifications. Chaingun, Missile Launcher, Mortar, Sniper Rifle, ELF Gun, Whiteouts, and Concussion grenades have all been banned. You cannot run, as this game is focused on Dueling and Mid-Airs, not running. Once a player grabs the flag, a 200x200 meter box is formed around him or her so that she cannot leave it without being punished. This allows for some intense X versus 1 dueling, in which there are alot of mid-airs, which you receive points for.

Authors Site:
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Downloads: MinRabbit v1.0 Size: 103kb

Pizza Admin Mod - Author: PizzaAdmin - Date: 21-05-2003 - Downloads: 500
Great little admin mod, Loads of features for the Admin. If you going to host a server then this could be the admin mod for you. Allow multiple servers to run with there own prefs this alone is a great feature. Check out the site for full features list and latest updates.

Authors Site:
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Downloads: Pizza Admin Mod Size: (link)

Renegades Mod - Author: Dweller - Date: 11-02-2002 - Downloads: 298
Renegades offers a complete set of new armor types and many new weapons types for the game Tribes 2. It is completely compatible with all existing Tribes 2 maps. Renegades is a server-side modification which means that you do not have to download any additional skins, models, or sounds to play. Simply click on the server you wish to play on and join the game.
Renegades was the groundwork for many of the mods for Tribes 1 and the majority of the mods for Tribes 2 are also based on Renegades.

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: Renegades Mod Size: (Link)

Syrinx Mod - Author: Syrinx - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 238
Another Very Popular Mod, Check it out

Authors Site:

Downloads: Syrinx Mod Size: (Link)

TAC 2 (Team Aerial Combat) - Author: TAC - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 241
This was a popular mod from Tribes 1, One main differences of this mod is if you touch the ground you die.

From The TAC team:
Team Aerial Combat started out as a mod for Starseige Tribes and, to be honest, we never expected it to be anywhere near as popular as it has become. We developed TAC with two very important guidelines in mind, and these guidelines have remained.

They are:

1) To force players to play tribes as a team
2) To prevent skiing and hence bring balance back into the game of tribes

We never intended to alter Starseige Tribes greatly and, in fact, we only altered what we felt absolutely HAD to be altered to ensure that new players to the mod didn't have to learn what 50 new packs and weapons did upon joining a TAC Server.

We believe that we achieved this. We created a well balanced, easy to learn mod that even the newest player could learn to play within a few minutes.

Downloads: TAC 2 (Team Aerial Combat) Size: (Link)

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