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AutoClanOp v0.3.0 - Author: BeRTeN - Date: 14-04-2002 - Downloads: 558
Autoclanop Autops your clan members.

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Downloads: AutoClanOp v0.3.0 Size: 2kb

AutoOutput (Beta) - Author: MeBaD - Date: 17-10-2001 - Downloads: 467
This script takes away the need for the user to have to remember to pause a demo, wait for it to output, then stop the demo. In any case, if you play your demo an according to the demo hud you get a great shot at 5:27, that you want to output take a guess of a 3 second lead before and after

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Downloads: AutoOutput (Beta) Size: 6kb

CDL Kill Stats Server v1.3 - Author: -CDL-Fox(V) - Date: 15-01-2002 - Downloads: 690
Server for Kill Stats.

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Downloads: CDL Kill Stats Server v1.3 Size: 7kb

Debrief Startup - Author: Misanthropic - Date: 31-03-2002 - Downloads: 1011
Replaces the loading screen (when you join a server) with the debrief screen, so you can chat & read messages while the map is loading.

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Downloads: Debrief Startup Size: 1kb

DemoFolders v1.0.5 - Author: Base10 - Date: 14-04-2002 - Downloads: 229
This script will allow you to organize your demos into folders, overriding the default recordings dialog. You can play demos directly from these folders, rather then be forced to have them all in the root of /recordings.

Install Note: Drop the .VL2 file into your '\Gamedata\Base\' Directory...

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Downloads: DemoFolders v1.0.5 Size: 9kb

DioScavenge v3.95 - Author: |Rx|Diogenes - Date: 01-06-2002 - Downloads: 242
Weapon scavenging script. Hold down the scavenge key, and you will drop all weapons, and grenades that don't match your current loadout.

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Downloads: DioScavenge v3.95 Size: 3kb

DSO Killer v0.1.2 - Author: Absynthe - Date: 14-04-2002 - Downloads: 658
Description: It slices, it dices. It will remove every (well almost every) DSO file from your GameData\base directory. This is not a bulk kill, but one that is done with finesse. Directory structures will be left intact as well as any other files including .CS files you may have added.

NOTE: Since the last Tribes 2 patch this program may not be needed anymore, but if you are developing a MOD its still a useful step in troubleshooting.

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Downloads: DSO Killer v0.1.2 Size: 11kb

EditSig v1.2 - Author: Ciceron - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 459
Ability for multiple signatures, so you can pick and choose which one you want to use.
Option to always insert your signature, automatically in you mail/forums/question.

Downloads: EditSig v1.2 Size: 7kb

FrostyVolume v1.0 - Author: Frosty - Date: 02-03-2002 - Downloads: 367
Allows you to change the game MasterVolume quickly and easily. A keybind toggles a hud with a slider so you can change the volume. Thanks to Diogenes and his DioGamma as I got the idea from that script and stole his Gui 8).

Useful in case your listening to a external program (such as winamp) and you want to listen to the music, not t2 saying Shazbot! repeatedly and such 8P

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Downloads: FrostyVolume v1.0 Size: 2kb

GamePortal - Author: Avon - Date: 15-01-2002 - Downloads: 250
What is GamePortal you ask? Well, have you ever refreshed your server list while in Tribes2? THAT is GamePortal, err.. that is the essence of GamePortal anyways. GamePortal was designed to be a substitute for using the in-game server query interface. Lets say perhaps you decide you want to go play if some of your buds are playing on your favorite server. Wow that's a lot of work, have to open up Tribes2, login click join a game and then wait for your server list to refresh. Phew I'm tired just thinking about it. Well that is now a thing of the past! Simply click open GamePortal and double click your favorite server, and in a snap you know if your buds are playing or not.
Well great you say, so i can see if my buds are playing, but to go play i still have to load up Tribes2 and login, so why not save myself the hassle of closing down GamePortal just to log in and refresh my list to get to that server anyways, and just go in Tribes2 from the start? Well my friends that's because GamePortal can automatically connect you to your favorite server and even log you in to Tribes2 with the touch of a button!

GamePortal at the time of public release will boast a list of more features than are currently available in the in-game server query! So hold on to your hats cause GamePortal is coming! While GamePortal isn't currently available for Public download, you can check out some pictures of it in action.

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Downloads: GamePortal Size: (Link)

HalBuddy v2.6 - Author: Halide - Date: 18-06-2002 - Downloads: 557
Tracks buddies on servers, including their online status - flashes a small hud and plays a sound.

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Downloads: HalBuddy v2.6 Size: 6kb

HalConnectRetry v1.4 - Author: Halide - Date: 19-05-2002 - Downloads: 456
Retries server connection if you are rejected.
Optional time delay (2-10 seconds) on scripts option page (Writer's support required).
Plays a gong sound when you are connected.

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Downloads: HalConnectRetry v1.4 Size: 3kb

HalQuit v1.3 - Author: Halide - Date: 06-04-2002 - Downloads: 373
This script lets you disconnect or quit Tribes 2 with a single key press in-game.

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Downloads: HalQuit v1.3 Size: 1kb

Halsshot v2.1 - Author: Halide - Date: 18-06-2002 - Downloads: 277
This script will, at the press of a key, remove all waypoints and HUDs from your play screen and take a screenshot, then replace them :)

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Downloads: Halsshot v2.1 Size: 4kb

HalStartScreen v1.3 - Author: Halide - Date: 19-05-2002 - Downloads: 374
Custom startup tabs and new launch screen options for Join/Host game.

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Downloads: HalStartScreen v1.3 Size: 3kb

JsutWaypoints - Author: Jsut - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 574
This script allows a person to create their own customized waypoints while hosting a game, and save them to disk for later retrieval.

Downloads: JsutWaypoints Size: 5kb

Kill Shoot v1.0 - Author: Boots - Date: 24-03-2002 - Downloads: 483
Takes a screen shot every time you kill/are killed.

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Downloads: Kill Shoot v1.0 Size: 7kb

ObseverKey v1.4 - Author: Misanthropic - Date: 06-04-2002 - Downloads: 259
Allows you to become an observer with the press of a button. Has an option to throw a grenade and/or mine right before you do.

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Downloads: ObseverKey v1.4 Size: 3kb

PR-Recolor v1.0 - Author: FSB-SPY - Date: 01-10-2001 - Downloads: 813
Allows you to recolor most of the games effects including blasters, lasers, mortars, discs etc.

Easy to install and use, run from a browser so just extract it into a directory and you're off.

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Downloads: PR-Recolor v1.0 Size: 6.1mb

Screen Shot v1.1 - Author: UberGuy - Date: 24-03-2002 - Downloads: 330
If you're like me, you find Tribes 2's out-of-the-box behavior with screen shots pretty useless. Every time you start the game, the 1st screenshot is called screen1.png, the next screen2.png, and so on. This overwrites any preexisting screenshots with those names.

Tribes 1 had a much more sensable scheme. This script gives T2 the same behavior. With it, a folder "Tribes2/GameData/base/screenshots" is created, and screenshots are put in there. They are named sshotXXXX.png, just like they were in T1, where XXXX is an ever increasing number. When it generates the filename for a screenshot, it checks to see if that file already exists, and if so, in increments the number until it generates a name that's not out there. It's going to get a little slow if you keep hundreds of screenshots, but no one does that, right? (*Whistles*) Besides, who would notice given how long it takes to make a screenshot in T2...

Authors Site:
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Downloads: Screen Shot v1.1 Size: 3kb

ScreenShot - Author: Advis - Date: 14-04-2002 - Downloads: 342
Allows one to bind any key (not just the Print Screen key) to take a screenshot. Upon pressing the key, a file named screenXXXXX.png, where XXXXX is a number derived from how long the Tribes2 client has been active, is placed in the Tribes2\GameData\ directory.

Install Note: Drop the .CS file into your '\Gamedata\Base\Scripts\' Directory...

Authors Site:
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Downloads: ScreenShot Size: 1kb

T2 AutoSad v1.1 - Author: Void|DanGeR|SM - Date: 01-06-2002 - Downloads: 348
This File Automatically enters the sad password to servers when you join them. You must choose a key to exports the server IP(Below) to the file sads.cs which must be placed in your autoexec folder. The servers are named in order from 0 increasing by one each time.

Authors Site:
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Downloads: T2 AutoSad v1.1 Size: 2kb

T2Signatures - Author: Cshark - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 282
This script allows you to set up and save separate signatures for email and the forums. Just press a button to add your signature to your message before you send it.

Downloads: T2Signatures Size: 42kb

Tribes 2 Playlist Generator - Author: Falceron - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 566
As I'm sure many of you would agree, the Tribes 2 soundtrack gets a bit repetitive after too many plays through. It's hard to avoid this with only five songs, no matter the quality. There is simply no comparing the size of the soundtrack with that of the average MP3 collection. The solution: a script that will play the MP3s of your choice! The Tribes 2 Playlist Generator makes this effortless to accomplish.

Email Author:

Downloads: Tribes 2 Playlist Generator Size: 19kb

Tribes MultiMedia System - Author: ^BuGs^ - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 846
TMMS (Tribes Muilimedia System) is an more than an advance mp3 player script. It they ONLY way to play mp3 music via Tribes2 IMO. The script was first coded by my self (^BuGs^) and then myself and Labrat worked together during da Beta Period to create almos to a point to where we had a DemoHUD Style Interface. The script minimizes your CPU usage, unlike Winamp and other mp3 players that might be running behing Tribes2. This script is still the number one downloaded script so far... *cough*SuperIP*cough*. I hope you enjoy! I hope you find this usefull as much as I do.

Downloads: Tribes MultiMedia System Size: 39kb AutoDownload System - Author: Tribe2Maps - Date: 03-03-2002 - Downloads: 392
This is a combination Tribes 2 script and Visual Basic application. The two pieces work together to enable your Tribes 2 client to automatically download maps from when you attempt to join a game server that is running a client-side map which you do not have installed.

Authors Site: http:/
Email Author: http:/

Downloads: AutoDownload System Size: link

UberTimeHUD v1.1.4 - Author: UberGuy - Date: 21-03-2003 - Downloads: 395
This T2 script shows a simple HUD displaying the real, hourly time. Uses and requires TwoStep's TwoTime script for getting the atomic clock standard time. See TwoTime's options page to set your TimeZone and Daylight Savings Time values.

Authors Site:
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Downloads: UberTimeHUD v1.1.4 Size: 4kb

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