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HavocClient - Author: Havoc - Date: 06-10-2001 - Downloads: 223
This is a client download and should be used with the Havoc mod to reflect the true status of a vehicle. It assigns keys for ejection seats and for switching bomb load types. It also has the weapons reticles for the new weapons

Authors Site:

Downloads: HavocClient Size: 6kb

Syrinx Client - Author: Syrinx - Date: 03-03-2002 - Downloads: 205
The Syrnix client scripts were designed to make use of weapon and turret features in the Syrinx server modification. The syrinx options hud, (most important feature) was designed and scripted by sal9000. These scripts are not required to play Syrinx, but without them you won't have some really neat weapon, turret options and practical key binding ability.

Note: The Syrinx HUD and Syrinx Cycler are not compatible with each other. You must use one or the other, not both. These scripts only work with Syrinx MOD 1.2g or later.

Authors Site:

Downloads: Syrinx Client Size:

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