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AutoClanOp v0.3.0 - Author: BeRTeN - Date: 14-04-2002 - Downloads: 558
Autoclanop Autops your clan members.

Email Author:

Downloads: AutoClanOp v0.3.0 Size: 2kb

AutoPoints 3.0.2 - Author: Boots - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 999
AutoPoints will allow you to automatically set waypoints to people on your team, enemy team, or people with a specific name.

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Downloads: AutoPoints 3.0.2 Size: 7kb

AutoSpam v1.0 - Author: DEbig3 - Date: 25-05-2002 - Downloads: 381
Repeats random local anims every .5-2.5 seconds.

1. unzip to tribes2\gamedata\base\scripts\autoexec
2. bind a key to toggle in options->controls
3. play.

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Downloads: AutoSpam v1.0 Size: 2kb

BuddyPoints 0.25 (Public Beta) - Author: Tornak - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 429
This script was created to help stick with certain players when in clan matches, or organized pub games. The reason we made this is because you can't do multiple escorts. The script features waypoints to selected players, and renaming of waypoints. So when you add a buddy, it creates a waypoint to that person. You then can rename that waypoint if you like, and now it's also possible to rename normal waypoints.

Once in a game, bring up your command center. On the right, you'll see your teams player list. When you right click a person, you can now "Add Buddy". When you select this, it creates a waypoint to that person.
If you'd like to rename that waypoint, go to the waypoints in the command center, and right click the desired waypoint, and click "Rename Waypoint". Type in a new name.

Downloads: BuddyPoints 0.25 (Public Beta) Size: 5kb

ColorChat - Author: TotalChaos - Date: 01-09-2001 - Downloads: 726
Lets you change the color in IRC Chat.

Install Notes: Very simple to install just drop the .VL2 file in to your Tribes \gamedata\base directory and start T2, then select the chat button from the launch menu then along the top of the screen you'll have a new drop down gui listing all the colours you can select from for your messages.

Downloads: ColorChat Size: 2kb

ColorKills 1.0 - Author: UberGuy - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 353
This script does something for Tribes 2 that I always thought should have been included since the days of Tribes 1: When a death message pops up in the chat menu, the names of the killer and victim are color coded to indicate what team they are on. This is especially useful in T2, where the teams can be VERY large and there are still tons and tons of new names cropping up.
Sadly, there is no code for red text in the chat box. But there is green. So the colors are: green for teammates and yellow for enemy players.
In non-team-based mission types, ColorKills turns itself off.
Well, That's all it does. I like it as an alternative to seperate death message huds, since I'm in the habit of looking to the chat box for death messages anyway. Hope it helps you keep track of things in the game.

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Downloads: ColorKills 1.0 Size: 3kb

Debrief Startup - Author: Misanthropic - Date: 31-03-2002 - Downloads: 1011
Replaces the loading screen (when you join a server) with the debrief screen, so you can chat & read messages while the map is loading.

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Downloads: Debrief Startup Size: 1kb

DebriefTeamChat v1.0 - Author: UberGuy - Date: 02-07-2002 - Downloads: 363
I've always hated the fact that you can't use team chat during the post-map score screen (the "Debrief GUI"). I always used this in T1 to say things like "good job whooping the other team's ass." Not something a polite player says in global chat.

This script fixes this oversight and allows you to teamchat on the Debrief GUI.

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: DebriefTeamChat v1.0 Size: 2kb

DioDropLink v2.0 - Author: |Rx|Diogenes - Date: 14-05-2002 - Downloads: 489
Drop a link in IRC chat from the game view. Very handy.

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Downloads: DioDropLink v2.0 Size: 11kb

DioFavCall v1.0 - Author: |Rx|Diogenes - Date: 14-05-2002 - Downloads: 342
Announce your chosen loadout on keybind

Authors Site:
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Downloads: DioFavCall v1.0 Size: 1kb

DioFlagCall V3.2 - Author: |Rx|Diogenes - Date: 15-01-2002 - Downloads: 565
Scream for help 4 seconds after flag grab, along with speed message.

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: DioFlagCall V3.2 Size: 1kb

DioFlagTaunt v1.0 - Author: |Rx|Diogenes - Date: 14-05-2002 - Downloads: 344
Does a local taunt on flag grab.

Authors Site:
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Downloads: DioFlagTaunt v1.0 Size: 2kb

DioVcall v1.0 - Author: |Rx|Diogenes - Date: 14-05-2002 - Downloads: 369
Keybind for announcing your vehicle to your team.

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: DioVcall v1.0 Size: 1kb

Dropped Timer 1.1 - Author: Crunchy - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 430
When the enemy flag or your own flag is dropped in the field, this will display how many seconds left before the flag is returns to the base.

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: Dropped Timer 1.1 Size: 2kb

EditSig v1.2 - Author: Ciceron - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 459
Ability for multiple signatures, so you can pick and choose which one you want to use.
Option to always insert your signature, automatically in you mail/forums/question.

Downloads: EditSig v1.2 Size: 7kb

EscapeChars v1.0.0 - Author: BeRTeN - Date: 14-04-2002 - Downloads: 567
EscapeChars makes u able to use : and other chars in your chat.

Email Author:

Downloads: EscapeChars v1.0.0 Size: 2kb

FilterMSG 0.99.7 - Author: Xgalaxy - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 289
FilterMsg is a script that utilizes Writer's Support.vl2 support scripts, and [AKA]PanamaJack's PJSupport1.cs. Combining these two scripts I've created a system in which you, the user, can filter messages from the Chat Hud, and place them in another, more specifically the death messages. This is very usefull for a number of reasons. One being the ability to keep track of player death's and not have it interfere with important global and/or team messages that might otherwise be hard to read. FilterMsg also has LabRat's HudMover support. Many Tribes folks will recognize FilterMsg as being very similar to Vektor's SplitMSG for Tribes. In deed it is, and with Vektor's permission I bring this script back to life with a new name for a new game. Enjoy!

Downloads: FilterMSG 0.99.7 Size: 47kb

FilterMsg v3.12 - Author: Halide - Date: 01-12-2002 - Downloads: 476
FilterMsg is a script that filters death messages from the chat hud into a seperate hud, which is useful for a number of reasons. One advantage is being able to reduce spam in the chat hud. Also, you will be able to quickly recognize the killer and victim, their team, and the type of damage. This script has tons of options to customize the hud just how you want it. Compatible with LabRat's HudMover.

Authors Site:
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Downloads: FilterMsg v3.12 Size: 73kb

FlagResponse v1.1 - Author: Crunchy - Date: 08-10-2001 - Downloads: 466
In the middle of a busy fight it's easy to miss a flag being taken and hard to work out who took it. FlagResponse puts a popup on screen every time a flag is taken, the name of the player that took the flag uses the standard Tribes 2 highlight so you can see who it is quickly and easily. For instance the badge would be in yellow, name in white, aliases in blue. Take a look at the screenshot below, bear in mind the popup is only displayed for a few seconds so isn't on screen most of the time.

Authors Site:
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Downloads: FlagResponse v1.1 Size: 3kb

FrostyTeamhit v1.2 - Author: Frosty - Date: 02-03-2002 - Downloads: 426
Automatically says a predetermined message in teamchat (that you can edit) everytime you harm a teammate. You can edit the message if you have Writers support pack installed. Its not required though. You can edit the script fully by placing the players name anywhere in the message by simply adding $name$.

Ex: Sorry $name$, didn't mean to hit you! = Sorry Frosty, didn't mean to hit you!

Also has a option to only send the message when you tk a teammate (Defaults to this option).

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: FrostyTeamhit v1.2 Size: 5kb

Game IRC - Author: Alware - Date: 14-04-2002 - Downloads: 631
Allow you to IRCchat while in game...Cool..

Install Note: Drop the .VL2 file into your '\Gamedata\Base\' Directory...

Authors Site:

Downloads: Game IRC Size: 4kb

HalBuddy v2.6 - Author: Halide - Date: 18-06-2002 - Downloads: 557
Tracks buddies on servers, including their online status - flashes a small hud and plays a sound.

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: HalBuddy v2.6 Size: 6kb

HalChecker v1.7 - Author: Halide - Date: 19-05-2002 - Downloads: 801
This script gives you instant access to the community features in-game. While activated, you just hit the Game tab to resume playing.

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: HalChecker v1.7 Size: 2kb

HaxorChat - Author: PowdaHound - Date: 02-03-2002 - Downloads: 471
Function: Changes the T2 Gui file to allow you to type 'illegal' characters such as ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) : \ ] etc... Now you can make normal smilies without getting an annoying popup!

To Install: Put the HaxorChat.vl2 file in your scripts folder and add delete the ChatGUI.cs.dso located there. Load up t2 and you're all set!

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: HaxorChat Size: 22kb

HuntersHud 1.0 - Author: Cowboy - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 284
What does HuntersHUD do? It modifies the built-in Tribes 2 "Objective Hud" to display more information during a Team Hunters game.

What does it show ?
- Team name + Score for both teams
- Number of flags you hold
- Worth in points of your flags
- Number of flags spread between team

Downloads: HuntersHud 1.0 Size: 3kb

IRC Timestamper v1.1 - Author: Base10 - Date: 16-06-2001 - Downloads: 257
Dunno about you, but I hate not knowing when people said things in the channel. Was it 2 hours ago or was it 10 minutes ago? How long is it taking them to get back to you? Etc. So I've added timestamping to the IRC interface.

Install Note: Drop the .VL2 file into your '\Gamedata\Base\' Directory...

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: IRC Timestamper v1.1 Size: 5kb

LobbyTab v1.2 - Author: Misanthropic - Date: 09-12-2003 - Downloads: 1087
This script adds a tab for the game Lobby as if it were another community item, allowing you to access chat, browser, email etc. while in a game.

Unzip the contents of '' into your Tribes2 folder, that's it. Your unpacker program will automatically put them into the correct folder after that.

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: LobbyTab v1.2 Size: 2kb

LocalSpammer v1.1 - Author: DEbig3 - Date: 25-05-2002 - Downloads: 422
Does a local taunt with a single keypress. cycles through all 8 local taunts.

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: LocalSpammer v1.1 Size: 1kb

LocalTaunt v1.1 - Author: DEbig3 - Date: 25-05-2002 - Downloads: 777
Does a local taunt/animation whenever you kill someone


1) unzip to tribes2\gamedata\base\scripts\autoexec
2) set the toggle bind at the bottom of the list in controls
3) play

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: LocalTaunt v1.1 Size: 2kb

Message Filter v1.0.1 - Author: Absynthe - Date: 01-04-2002 - Downloads: 209
This script provides several functions:

1 - A way to deal with those annoying taunts
2 - Control compliments, anything issued by pressing VGC* in the chat menu.
3 - Control globals, messages issued as VG* from the chat menu can get tedious. Everyone saying "Hi", or "Bye", or "Wahoo".
4 - Some players may repeat the same message over and over and over. Thanks to Tribes flood control they can only get four out before they are shut down for ten seconds. But, why wait for that? Turn on the Repeat Message Filter and the next time some sends a chat message two, three, or four times in a row, only the first one will play for you. If someone does manage to interrupt the repeating player it will count as a new message again in which case one more message from the repeating player will get through.
5 - Deathmessages appear in your main HUD. One appears each time you or anyone else in the entire game is killed. This can clutter the message HUD and cause important messages to scroll off before you can read them.

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: Message Filter v1.0.1 Size: 13kb

New Chat 1.0 - Author: Crunchy - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 264
This script is a totally reworked chat menu to be much closer to the Tribes 1 menu, you only ever need to use 3 keys, but it contains all the new stuff from Tribes 2 in it as well.

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: New Chat 1.0 Size: 4kb

NIR-Chat v1.0 - Author: =|NIR|= Dia-menz - Date: 09-06-2002 - Downloads: 312
This script is designed to be a complete replacement for the native Tribes 2 chat system. It contains all the characteristics of the original, yet adds the ability to customize or add any chat.

-Add, edit, move, or delete new chats and menus.
-Add global or team sounds to any global or team chat.
-Create new binds for canned chats and animations.
-Easy to use edit system, replica of T2 system.

Drop the vl2 in base, and the .cs in the base/prefs

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: NIR-Chat v1.0 Size: 17kb

ObserverHUD 0.30 - Author: Wizard - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 471

It does a number of very handy things.
1) It allows you to easily define hotkeys to players in game to observe them quickly.
2) It allows you to observe the lag carriers at the touch of a key.
3) It can auto-observe flag carriers on flag grab.
4) It has an extremely comprehensive list of team and player stats.
5) It outputs the match stats to html file (if you choose) at mission end. Even if you have been playing and not observing! (Great for clanners who want stats on every player that participated!)

Downloads: ObserverHUD 0.30 Size: 15kb

OdysseyACS (Auto Chat) v2.0 - Author: sal9000 - Date: 01-06-2002 - Downloads: 383
OdysseyACS "auto chat system" is a script that alerts your teammates of certain things, such as:
load announce on exit inv
repairing items(players/gens/vehicles etc)
finished repairing items
when a station is disabled (when you step on it)
when power is down (when you step on a station)
when you shoot a teammate (sorry!)
when you are shot by a teammate
lastly, a flag return announce (defaulted to 10 seconds)

Downloads: OdysseyACS (Auto Chat) v2.0 Size: 2kb

PersisChat v1.0 - Author: UberGuy - Date: 02-07-2002 - Downloads: 213
This script restores a behavior of the chat box that I always missed from T1. When you escape from typing on a chat line, T2 normally blanks the line so you lose what you were typing. This script makes it so the chat box remembers what you were typing. The text you escaped away from will be there when you next hit the chat key.

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: PersisChat v1.0 Size: 2kb

Quickmenu v1.12a - Author: Lou Cypher - Date: 26-05-2003 - Downloads: 530
Quick Menu chat and command interface, Allows you to customize your game chat and bind any voice or sound to any command and change the voice pitch. You can access this script from the Lobby(ingame), read the QuickMenu.txt file.

1. You can now send any voice wave file with any text message, including the grunts, death cries, etc.
2. You can specify one of 13 animations to play along with your Team or lobal text message.
3. The scope, "Console Command", can be used to quicklyrun a console command from the QuickMenu.
4. You can choose ANY voice to use instead of just those for your Race/Gender. Pitch is also adjustable.
5. Enhanced Voice Options let you choose different voices for different messages, while still maintaining your default voice for non-specified messages.
6. Ingame key for changing the default voice.

Email Author:

Downloads: Quickmenu v1.12a Size: 21kb

SoteVoteStats 1.2 - Author: Soterion - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 391
Pops up a hud dialog underneath the voting meter when a vote is in progress. It displays useful info such as the current vote, who initiated the vote, and the number of votes.

Email Author:

Downloads: SoteVoteStats 1.2 Size: 2kb

T2Signatures - Author: Cshark - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 282
This script allows you to set up and save separate signatures for email and the forums. Just press a button to add your signature to your message before you send it.

Downloads: T2Signatures Size: 42kb

Task Beep v1.0 - Author: VeKToR - Date: 17-10-2001 - Downloads: 193
Makes a beeping sound whenever a task is issued

Email Author:

Downloads: Task Beep v1.0 Size: 8kb

Teamplay Bind HUD - Author: Advis - Date: 14-04-2002 - Downloads: 284
This script acts very much like the in-game canned chat voice menu. It looks and acts almost identical, with one main difference: the user can customize both the keys and the said text to whatever he wishes.

Install Note: Drop the .vl2 file into your '\Gamedata\Base\' Directory...

Downloads: Teamplay Bind HUD Size: 9kb

TransVehChat v1.0 - Author: TruSoulja - Date: 25-07-2002 - Downloads: 253
Will make chat hud transparent when in a vehicle, and opaque when out.

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: TransVehChat v1.0 Size: 5kb

Tribe Highlight - Author: Advis - Date: 14-04-2002 - Downloads: 247
When anyone in your tribe (i.e. Wearing the same tag as you) joins the game, parts the game, or joins a team a small window is displayed with a message to that effect.

Install Note: Drop the .CS file into your '\Gamedata\Base\Scripts\' Directory...

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: Tribe Highlight Size: 2kb

TwoChat v1.9.2 - Author: TwoStep - Date: 24-03-2002 - Downloads: 270
TwoChat does the following:

1) When any player leaves a chat channel to play a game, TwoChat adds a small flag next to thier name in the channel user list. It also adds an option when you right-click on the user's name in that list to follow them to the server they are playing on.
2) When you join a chat channel, this script will figure out where other TwoChat users are playing, and flag them as above.
3) When non-TwoChat users leave to go play a game and leave a link in Chat, it notices and adds the flag to their names, and adds an option to follow them as well. It removes the flag when they say anything in chat. This means that people that stop playing and just sit silently will look like they are playing.
4) When someone says anything in a chat channel other than the one you are currently looking at, TwoChat plays a sound and adds **'s to the beginning and end of the chat channel name in the tab at the top.
5) *NEW* TwoChat now allows you to automatically join chat channels when Tribes 2 starts up. 6) *NEW* If you also install TwoTime, TwoChat will timestamp your in-game irc messages.

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: TwoChat v1.9.2 Size: 9kb

UberChat v1.4.6 - Author: UberGuy - Date: 21-03-2003 - Downloads: 452
This little script gives you all sorts of customization control over your in-game chat HUD. Among the things you can currently use it for:

- NEW: You can select your own chat HUD font.
- NEW: Now the chat HUD can be set to grow up instead of down only.
- NEW: The chat input boxes can now be decoupled from the chat hud so they can be moved without a full HUD management script.
- You can use it to completely control the color of all the text that appears in the HUD
- If you find the chat text hard to see, you can make it bold.
- You can change the width of the chat HUD, in percent of your play resolution.
- You can enable the color coding of player names in death messages. This makes it very clear which player is a friendly and which is an enemy. The colors used are set by the user.
- If you're like me and don't like the keystroke reminders that appear in canned gloabl chat, you can turn them off!
- So "UberGuy (FT): [VGH] HI!" becomes "UberGuy (FT): HI!"
- Some loadout scripts now send color messages. This can cause a real riot of color in your chat HUD if you're using ColorKills. So you can disable those color codes, making all chat it's normal color.
- You can make your chat hud transparent.
- User defineable number of visible lines to cycle through.

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: UberChat v1.4.6 Size: 10kb

UberIncoming v1.0.1 - Author: UberGuy - Date: 19-12-2002 - Downloads: 457
This script gives you one keybind (UberIncoming) which, when pressed, changes your numpad's behavior. Now the numpad keys represent compass points, and pressing one of them delcares "incoming enemies" from that direction. Here are how the keys map out.

| NW| N | NE|
| 7 | 8 | 9 |
| W | . | E |
| 4 | . | 6 |
| SW| S | SE|
| 1 | 2 | 3 |
Once you press a numpad key, or two seconds after you press the 'UberIncoming' key, your numpad will revert to its original behavior.

If you really can't stand having these keys on your numpad, after you run this

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: UberIncoming v1.0.1 Size: 3kb

UberMute V1.5.6 - Author: UberGuy - Date: 21-03-2003 - Downloads: 385
Do you hate chat spammers? After a match or map it's usually impossible to say or read anything useful because everyone is saying "Wahooo!" 5 times apiece. UberMute is a script to stop this chat spam from inducing muderous rage, but not lose useful information in the process.
UberMute blocks repetitions of chat text by the same player. You can use the options GUI to control how long repetitions will be blocked.

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: UberMute V1.5.6 Size: 8kb

Where I Am v1.0 - Author: Boots - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 182
Where I Am sends a small file (25 bytes if you have a long name) to a web server of your choice telling it your warrior name and what server you are playing on. The web server can then display in a web page that displays this information, and others that have installed Where I Am can then use Internet Explorer to launch Tribes 2 and connect to the the server that you are playing on! The following icon shows you if someone is online: Not only can you show were you are playing, you can "advertise" your Tribes 2 server on your web page itself! Just make a file that has your server's IP and port!

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: Where I Am v1.0 Size: 567kb

WizChat v0.50 - Author: Wizard - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 226
Wizchat is designed to clean up the clutter that is your chat HUD. Wizchat will filter out all the game crap and kill messages and put them in another window so that your chat hud is full!!

Downloads: WizChat v0.50 Size: 22kb

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