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AbThrottle - Author: Abuse Magnet - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 296
This script is intended as a work-around for some of the problems T2 has with Joystick control. T2 movement control has only two states, on and off. For certain functions, this is completely inadequate, especially for flight. This "time shares" full on movement, making things like airborne "loitering" on bombing runs possible (I've made runs at a steady 70KPH, which gave the bombardier enough time to completely flatten the base).

It also contains functions that can be used instead of the standard joystick binds, that offer a slow movement mode when the stick is less than halfway over.

Downloads: AbThrottle Size: 3kb

BomberHUD v1.0 - Author: VeCTeR - Date: 12-09-2001 - Downloads: 1906
For the pilot of the thundersword/havoc. :

- Hover: a toggle key that lets the bomber (havoc) maintain an set altitude. This set altitude can be adjusted. (Keyboard key: 0)
- Acceleration warning: if acceleration is above 2 kpm per second, and speed is above 150 kph, the alarm goes on. Accelerations of this nature occur when afterburning or heading towards the ground ;)
- Low speed warning: if speed drops below 200 kph, this alarm will turn on.
- Altitude warning: if altitude rate of change is less than 20, a warning goes off to tell the pilot the bomber is heading towards the ground fast! Warning: since altitude agl (above ground level) is the only way to mesure altitude, mountains will set off this alarm.
- Radar warning: the same as the compass warning, but is on the dash.
- Bomber sight: the same sight the bomber sees. Put this sight on the target and the bomber will have an easy job.
- PilotHud help: f1 key

The bomber and t/g have speed and altitude, the bomber has a bomb/alt warning and a radar warning.

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Downloads: BomberHUD v1.0 Size: 10kb

BroncoBombControl - Author: Bronco - Date: 29-10-2001 - Downloads: 308
This script allows you as a Pilot to take control of the Bombingcontrols, as long as the Bombadier has this script installed, too. Maybe best used in combination with the BomberHUD....

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Downloads: BroncoBombControl Size: 4kb

DioVcall v1.0 - Author: |Rx|Diogenes - Date: 14-05-2002 - Downloads: 369
Keybind for announcing your vehicle to your team.

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Downloads: DioVcall v1.0 Size: 1kb

emJump v1.0 - Author: Ptavv - Date: 24-03-2002 - Downloads: 252
All this script does is change your jump button to a toggle type jump button. Press the button to begin jumping, press the button again to stop jumping. Pretty simple.

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Downloads: emJump v1.0 Size: 19kb

HalLockWarning v1.8 - Author: Halide - Date: 18-06-2002 - Downloads: 615
Visible warning near your reticle when a missile is locked onto you.

Writer's support pack is strongly recommended so that you can change options.

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Downloads: HalLockWarning v1.8 Size: 7kb

HalRetFix 1.1 - Author: Halide - Date: 06-04-2002 - Downloads: 749
A simple script to fix the missing vehicle reticles after toggling the CC...

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Downloads: HalRetFix 1.1 Size: 2kb

Hover v1.0 - Author: DeLukas - Date: 24-03-2002 - Downloads: 447
Allows you to hover in your turbgrab.

To turn on hover press the 'h' key while in a turbograv. Press 'h' again to turn it off.

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Downloads: Hover v1.0 Size: 3kb

Jump And Jet v1.1 - Author: Crunchy - Date: 08-10-2001 - Downloads: 630
The most efficient way of jetting around is to jump first to give youself a boost, you can do this by hand or automate it. JumpAndJet does exactly that, every time you jet it does a jump first.

Authors Site:
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Downloads: Jump And Jet v1.1 Size: 2kb

Jump Jet Pilot - Author: Mental Trousers - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 404
Poker posted a very basic jumpJet script in the Tribes 2 forums. Unfortunately it didn't turn off the jump part when you jumped into a vehicle. So, when you pressed jet to fire the afterburners, it spat you out instead :o)

This script fixes that. It automatically turns off the jump part when you enter a vehicle and then reenables it when you get out.

Authors Site:
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Downloads: Jump Jet Pilot Size: 2kb

PilotMode V2.0 - Author: Crunchy - Date: 08-10-2001 - Downloads: 2107
Flying or driving can be pretty tricky in Tribes 2. It was the same in Tribes 1 and players wrote scripts to increase the mouse sensitivity to help give more control. PilotMode is a similar script but for Tribes 2. The script will amplify your current sensitivity by a certain factor when you jump in a vehicle, it's put back to normal when you get out. The script will work with or without inverted y-axis and should also work with a joystick too. Theres an options screen where you can change the amplification factor for each vehicle/axis from anywhere between 1x and 6x normal sensitivity. Theres an option to turn off deadzone for each vehicle. Deadzone isn't needed for mouse control and I find that it's more responsive without it.

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Downloads: PilotMode V2.0 Size: 4kb

RatVehicle - Author: LabRat - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 281

Authors Site:
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Downloads: RatVehicle Size: 3kb

Ski v1.3 - Author: DEbig3 - Date: 11-11-2001 - Downloads: 502
Jumps more often to reduce friction, and increase speed, while skiing.

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Downloads: Ski v1.3 Size: 3kb

Spy Fly - Author: DEbig3 - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 347
Well, this script does basically one thing. It raises your mouse sensitivity when youre piloting a vehicle (it wont raise it when youre a passenger, bombradier, or tailgunner, dont worry. It also puts it back to normal when you get out).

New in version 2.0 you can define (at the top of the script) how much it will change your sensitivity, it defaults to doubling your sensitivity, which works well enough for me.

Install it into your Tribes2\GameData\base\scripts\autoexec\Ptavv folder.

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Downloads: Spy Fly Size: 39kb

TransVehChat v1.0 - Author: TruSoulja - Date: 25-07-2002 - Downloads: 253
Will make chat hud transparent when in a vehicle, and opaque when out.

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Downloads: TransVehChat v1.0 Size: 5kb

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