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Bot Voice Unlock - Author: David Roth - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 2116
This is the GameGui.cs script I modified that makes the bot voice show up and become selectable for play on-line.

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Downloads: Bot Voice Unlock Size: 28kb

DioTMailHack V1.0 - Author: |Rx|Diogenes - Date: 14-05-2002 - Downloads: 327
Unlocks the hidden Tmail "Incoming Transmission" sound.

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Downloads: DioTMailHack V1.0 Size: 1kb

FrostyVolume v1.0 - Author: Frosty - Date: 02-03-2002 - Downloads: 367
Allows you to change the game MasterVolume quickly and easily. A keybind toggles a hud with a slider so you can change the volume. Thanks to Diogenes and his DioGamma as I got the idea from that script and stole his Gui 8).

Useful in case your listening to a external program (such as winamp) and you want to listen to the music, not t2 saying Shazbot! repeatedly and such 8P

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Downloads: FrostyVolume v1.0 Size: 2kb

HalKillSound v2.2 - Author: Halide - Date: 08-12-2002 - Downloads: 476
Plays a local sound when you make a kill or teamkill.

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Downloads: HalKillSound v2.2 Size: 3kb

MP3Player v1.0.3 - Author: Absynthe - Date: 14-04-2002 - Downloads: 822
Play MP3's from within Tribes 2. Includes a playlist editor for generation playlists prior to game start. Tracks are listed in the message hud as seen above. An in-game menu allows you to switch between tracks, playlists, and adjust options.

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Downloads: MP3Player v1.0.3 Size: 92kb

PA-Audio v1.0 - Author: FSB-SPY - Date: 23-03-2002 - Downloads: 308
Mutes the infamous "hum" of the community section, the 'onButton' sound, and the breathing of players underwater.

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Downloads: PA-Audio v1.0 Size: 3kb

Quiet Command Map v1.1 - Author: UberGuy - Date: 02-07-2002 - Downloads: 349
This tiny little utility, barely worth calling a script, is something I whipped up for a good friend who always hated the T2 command map toggle noises. It mutes them. It really mutes them - the game is incapable of playing them at all with this installed, so if something else you have makes use of them, that won't make sound either. I've never seen anything use these sounds for anything else, however.

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Downloads: Quiet Command Map v1.1 Size: 2kb

Tribes 2 Playlist Generator - Author: Falceron - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 566
As I'm sure many of you would agree, the Tribes 2 soundtrack gets a bit repetitive after too many plays through. It's hard to avoid this with only five songs, no matter the quality. There is simply no comparing the size of the soundtrack with that of the average MP3 collection. The solution: a script that will play the MP3s of your choice! The Tribes 2 Playlist Generator makes this effortless to accomplish.

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Downloads: Tribes 2 Playlist Generator Size: 19kb

Tribes MultiMedia System - Author: ^BuGs^ - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 846
TMMS (Tribes Muilimedia System) is an more than an advance mp3 player script. It they ONLY way to play mp3 music via Tribes2 IMO. The script was first coded by my self (^BuGs^) and then myself and Labrat worked together during da Beta Period to create almos to a point to where we had a DemoHUD Style Interface. The script minimizes your CPU usage, unlike Winamp and other mp3 players that might be running behing Tribes2. This script is still the number one downloaded script so far... *cough*SuperIP*cough*. I hope you enjoy! I hope you find this usefull as much as I do.

Downloads: Tribes MultiMedia System Size: 39kb

UberMute V1.5.6 - Author: UberGuy - Date: 21-03-2003 - Downloads: 385
Do you hate chat spammers? After a match or map it's usually impossible to say or read anything useful because everyone is saying "Wahooo!" 5 times apiece. UberMute is a script to stop this chat spam from inducing muderous rage, but not lose useful information in the process.
UberMute blocks repetitions of chat text by the same player. You can use the options GUI to control how long repetitions will be blocked.

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Downloads: UberMute V1.5.6 Size: 8kb

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