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ALWARE's Pack - Author: Alware - Date: 14-04-2002 - Downloads: 1051
This script pack contains the following script:

AutoFlag -
AutoFlare - Drops a flare when missiles lock on.
AutoMissile - Auto fires a missile as so as you lock-on
Scripts Manager - Adds a button on the bottom line along with the browser,game etc..

Install Note: Drop the .VL2 file into your '\Gamedata\Base\' Directory...

Authors Site:

Downloads: ALWARE's Pack Size: 965kb

Bluez's Pack - Author: Bluez's - Date: 21-03-2003 - Downloads: 587
BluezPack, 23 scripts in this pack. Each script can be downloaded on it's own and these will list the descriptions of each script. So use the search to find the script for full description.

- Auto Repair Kit
- Beacon Plus
- Classic Options Gui (Works with classic only)
- Chat Reconnect Button
- Death Blossom (Works with classic only)
- Flag Snatcha
- FOV Sweep
- G Shock
- Half Way Home
- Kill Sounds
- Laz Mortar
- Litter Bug
- Loading Soundz
- Mighty Mouse
- Mine/Nade Combo (Works with classic only)
- Mine Disc (Works with classic only)
- Mine Plasma/Disc (Works with classic only)
- Satchel Plus
- Sniper Energy Hud
- SpewMeister
- Weapon Options
- Vehicle Zoom Bind
- Zoom Multiplier hud

Install Notes: Drop the .VL2 file in your Tribes2 Gamedata\base Directory and start T2.

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: Bluez's Pack Size: 788Kb

Dreaded Script Pack v2.02 - Author: Unknown - Date: 15-01-2002 - Downloads: 618
This is a small group of scripts that I wrote and clumped together into one file, some of which do completely unrelated things. Listed below are some of the tasks this script pack handles.

» Revises the "Server Info Window" to display more information, more efficiently.

» Enhances the "Join Game Server Browser" with more options and smarter connection rejection handling, including rejoining full servers and saving server passwords to an archive.

» Enables the use of any voice with any gender, including the Bot voice as well as provides a slider to change your voice's pitch.

» Allows for smarter screenshot saving as well as the options to hide any HUDs before the shot is taken, and automatically saves an image of the final scores when a mission ends.

» Allows for smarter demo saving as well as the options to automatically start a new demo when you join a server, and to start a new demo for each new mission.

» Enables the targetting reticle that a bombadier sees for all players riding in a bomber.

» Allows for smarter zooming while in Third Person view.

» Provides a visual warning of potential missile locks and inbound missiles.

» Attaches a small HUD to the Net Display HUD that displays FPS, Ping, PL (Packet Loss), Speed, and Altitude.

» Provides alternate icons for the backpacks when they've been activated as well as displays specificly which type of grenade you're carrying in the Inventory HUD.

» Displays a timer when a team's flag is dropped in the field that counts down until it's been returned or picked up again. The timer will also flash when the timer approaches zero as an extra reminder.

You can use the included Help data for specific details of what an option does within the script pack, just click on the "?" Button beside each option to access the Help for that option.

Downloads: Dreaded Script Pack v2.02 Size: 51kb

FrostyBigOne v1.2.01 - Author: Frosty - Date: 02-03-2002 - Downloads: 375
All of Frostys Scripts in one big easy to install zip pack! Just unzip and your ready to go. This pack currently includes:

FrostyScore v1.4
FrostyRepair v1.3
FrostyAutoRepair v1.1B
FrostyTeamhit v1.1

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: FrostyBigOne v1.2.01 Size: 7kb

Kerb's T2 Script Pack - Author: Kerb - Date: 26-07-2002 - Downloads: 775
Kerb's T2 Scripts is a script pack for Tribes2 with the following features:

Full-screen Mortar and Grenade Launcher range reticles that automatically resize based on your resolution and FOV
- Flight-sim style joystick vehicle controls
- Custom remapping of controls when you pilot a vehicle
- Zoom options, including mousewheel control of zoom levels
- Automatic firing of missiles and flare grenades
- Max-range grenade throws
- Automatic jump before jet pack
- Bomb target for bomber pilots
- Always-on deployable indicator
- Rangefinder bind

All features can be enabled/disabled from the in-game options screen, and more detailed explanations are included there as well.

If you're familiar with the original version of Kerb's T2 Scripts, this is a complete overhaul. The most notable changes are the new options screen and a number of new features. There have been some improvements to old features as well:

- Mortar and Grenade Launcher reticles are now both more visible and less obtrusive
- Added mortar reticle for turret mortars
- Joystick vehicle control was simplified and is now more stable
- Max-range grenade throws no longer prevent you from throwing flare grenades quickly

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: Kerb's T2 Script Pack Size: 17kb

PJ's T2 All in One Package - Author: PanamaJack - Date: 04-12-2002 - Downloads: 957
This pack contains a loads of scripts that covers just about every thing you'll need, all the scripts below are in the pack and can be accessed from an in game gui!.

- Announcements
- Buddy Manager
- Commander
- Compass Hud
- Flag Popup Status
- Forums
- Join Announcement
- Jump/Jet/Pilot
- Inventory Spew
- Map Manager
- Mega Favourites
- Missile Warning
- Movie Screen
- Notepad
- Objective Hud
- Reticle Hud
- Retry/Join
- Speed Hud
- Super Chat
- Super Huds
- Super Stats
- Team Hud
- Third Person
- Time Hud
- Team Rabbit 2 Huds
- Waypoint
- Weapon/Inventory Hud

Downloads: PJ's T2 All in One Package Size: (Link)

ProPack v6.3 - Author: MeBaD - Date: 08-07-2002 - Downloads: 581
ProPack is a compilation of scripts that we largely developed for our own use, or at the request of friends. Initially dissatisfaction with the implementation of some/most/all of the default T2 huds led us to create our own versions, and most of the other scripts were added when we couldn't find a released script/hud that worked quite the way we wanted. Most of these scripts are dependent upon or are intended to compliment one another. Some have been made stand-alone scripts, and others might be should interest warrant. These scripts are feature-rich by default, and do not come with pages and pages of gui options. The basic interface gui allows for the most essential options to be accessed easily. More options to come as soon as MeBaD gets off his ass. :p

Current Features:
- New objective hud: built-in countdown timers for CTF and CnH, TeamSize functions, flag event pop-ups and support for all of the following game types: CTF, Siege, DM, Rabbit, CnH, Hunters and Bounty, Arena, Team Rabbit, and Duel.

- Tracker: Kill/Stat tracking by weapon type, both lifetime and per-map, with optional pop-ups on kill/death.

- InfoHud: Custom muting, kill/death and important message hud all in one. Clears the clutter out of your chat hud while delivering all the info you need in a quick and colorful manner.

- ObservedHud: Lets you know who is observing with a small, transparent pop-up hud for the duration of their observation.

- matchDemo: Autostarts and stops deoms for the map when in tourney mode. Note: joining mid map requires a manual start for the demo.

- DemoHud System: includes auto-naming, transparent pop-up hud to remind you that you are (or not) demoing, and it auto-stops demos at map end and auto starts on tourney-mode countdown.

- Vehicle Tools: toggleable teleport option and hard coded keys for uniformity across all base vehicles. (Note: use the in-game hud for mods.)

- FlagHud: Pop-up hud complementing the objective hud, so you never miss a crucial flag event in CTF, Rabbit, or Team Rabbit games.

- Autochat: Automated event-based chats, all toggleable, for quick team communication. Includes grab speed, auto-waypointing, grab speed notification, enemy team muting key and more.

- MultiHud: FPS/Ping/Speed/Altitude hud, each part of which can be toggled on and off independently of one another. (I only use FPS and ping for example.)

- Throw: Full-force grenades, mines, repair kits, ammunition.

- Screenshots: handy screenshot renaming utility that also fixes one of the many remaining T2 bugs.

- Automated Screenshot taker: for easy to use, and timed screenshot outputs for the budding movie maker in all of us.

- Join & Retry: Auto-retry script for getting into those good pick-up and other full servers.

- A long list of fixes that just keeps on growing, including: Shrike reticles, FOV, key binding, chat fixes and auto .dso deletion from a variety of authors assembled for your convenience. *Note, .dso deletion will cause issues with mods released in .dso format.

Install Note:
Just drop this file in to your GameData\Base Directory

Authors Site:
Email Author:

Downloads: ProPack v6.3 Size: 111kb

WizPack v1.21 - Author: Wizard - Date: 17-07-2001 - Downloads: 397
The wizpack is a simple script package that I created to give players the ability to simplify simple commands, without effecting game performance. I tried to make the pack fast, exact and cpu friendly in every aspect of it. Hope you enjoy my pack.

Downloads: WizPack v1.21 Size: 25kb

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